About Julie... While bringing up a young family, Julie wasn’t taking care of herself and after an injury and feeling flat, she started swimming and teaching aquatics. As an Aquatics teacher she noticed all the parents devoting all their time to their kids and neglecting themselves and realised, so was she. After her first training session Julie was hooked and signalled the start of her new career. Julie became a personal trainer to help those who want to achieve an active and healthier lifestyle and guide them through the many decisions. What should I eat?  What exercise is that for?  Am I doing it right? Julie incorporates new and exciting challenges that deliver great results. Julie doesn’t just ‘rep count’, she participates in your training to help motivate, encourage and challenge you in being the best you can be whether it is to reach and maintain a realistic target weight or body shape, regain strength, reduce stress, increase stamina and fitness. Starting a fitness programme certainly requires a lot of change both physically and mentally and how we manage and accept this change will ultimately determine how much success we achieve? Certificates Certificate III and IV in Fitness Master Trainer Punch Fit Level 1 Level 2 First Aid Registered with Fitness Australia Working with Children Aquatic Teacher Client Feedback... I was feeling flat and down before i started and by doing the personal training, it has motivated me to be fitter. The workouts i get from Julie are never the same and i enjoy the variety. Julie pushes me but is also very caring in the way she works.  By Sylvia "I feel more energized now that I've started working out with Julie,  Julie keeps me focused on my goals and she is always changing her workouts which keeps it exciting!"  By Bianca Haven’t exercised in years… once starting my sessions with Julie and along with my sensible eating now feeling great!  Fun and friendly environment.  By Peta This experience has changed my life.  I always wanted a personal trainer but I didn’t want to join a gym because the fees were too expensive.  But when I heard about Julie and her personal training I was so happy because the training is outdoors and she comes to you and the park of your choice. It’s not just about the exercise, she also gives you a dietary plan which is great, yummy food and by sticking to it I have lost a lot of weight.  I never thought I would say this, but I really am enjoying exercising.  Julie changes the circuits every session and we never do the same exercise session twice.  She is always encouraging and pushes me to do things, whichI never thought I could do. I have become so much fitter because of these sessions and I will keep going as I am enjoying every minute of it.  By Francesca Training with Julie is easy, convenient and fun.  She comes to you and you never know what a session will be like as there is great variety with each session.  She really helps target your areas for improvement and each session is conducted outdoors which makes the experience more enjoyable and without the hassle of intimidating gyms.  I have seen changes in my body after a month of sessions and when I need to be pushed she is not shy about amping up the intensity to suit my mood.  With the sessions there is also a diet plan on offer and she will go above and beyond with researching food if you have food intolerances, which I happen to have.  By Kath Julie has given me a lot of motivation whilst I am getting fit at the same time.  It's a good time to get out of the house and do something for yourself without the kids and husband and take out your frustrations.  I always leave sweating and feeling like I have had a decent workout and pay for it the next day.  By Kylie   Be-Aktiv fitness   Just for the health of it Take the first step to becoming a better you... Contact Julie Now: Mobile:  0409 101 569 Email:  julie@be-aktivfitness.com.au BE-AKTIV FITNESS          ABN 66 942 975 570          Fawkner, Victoria          Julie - 0409 101 569          julie@be-aktivfitness.com.au                   Web site by VP-IT “just for the health of it” Personal Training Servicing Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs JULIE - 0409 101 569 Click here for more photos Fitter, stronger, tougher, Just for the health of it. Get the body you have always wanted and keep it for life. Inspiration, perspiration and determination. Click here for more photos Home  |  Photo Gallery  | Click here for more photos